Our Story

Robin Lovejoy - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Songwriting

Ivo Mijac  - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Amalgamation is a San Francisco alternative-rock band with a mystical drive buoyed by the powerhouse vocals of front woman Robin Lovejoy and guitarist Ivo Mijac’s nimble arrangements. Much like their musical ancestors Led Zeppelin, PJ Harvey, & Jeff Buckley, the music mingles dark and light, exploring fever dreams of the imagination. Amalgamation brings a soulful light and sound to the Bay Area and beyond with their brand of "conscious rock".

Amalgamation began at an overcrowded open mic at Café International in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district. Ivo's empty seat became more than a momentary respite for a fellow musician, and the collaboration eventually formed between the two remains the primary lifeblood of the band.

Ivo was raised among the greasy axels of Detroit, immersed in Motown and Soul Train. He cut his musical chops listening to Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King, singing in Glee Club and playing in late night jazz jams. Hundreds of miles away in a small rural town outside Scranton, PA, Robin was sharpening her teeth on Zeppelin, Heart, and Black Sabbath. She later trained operatically and learned to belly dance while conjuring rock compositions.

At the time they met, Robin was departing her 'dark night of the soul' phase and beginning to explore the Eckankar spiritual path, known as the path of the light and sound. She had survived three near-death experiences, inherited her father’s guitar – nicknamed 'Sparrow' – and the music began pouring out. For his part, Ivo was dreaming of desert solitude, driving his VW camper van in search of his truth in life. Their wide ranging musical influences found common ground in this spiritual longing and the two lives and styles combined. The result is a catalogue at once full of mystical yearning and pulsing with raw energy.

Their most recent single release, "Firefly" was recorded and mixed by Grammy award-winning engineer Nahuel Bronzini (of Fantastic Negrito). Their heavier rock tune,“Boomerang” incorporates many of the more contemporary bands that have grabbed the band’s ears, (Queens of the Stone Age, Phantogram, My Morning Jacket), with crisp melodic twists, heavier rhythms, and dynamic production.  In it's earliest stages, the band released their debut full-length album, Queen of Dreams, followed by the Circadian Rhythms EP.

The band now has its eyes on exploring other parts of the US and a future European tour to share the gospel of Amalgamation. They’re ready to bring their music to broader audiences and open for them that unique rock n roll portal to the deeper meaning of existence.


Press / Mentions

Amalgamation's most recent single, "Firefly" was recorded and mixed by Nahuel Bronzini of Airship Labs and Grammy award-winning engineer for artist Fantastic Negrito.

The band has played legendary venues such as DNA Lounge, Great American Music Hall, Red Devil Lounge, Elbo Room, Hotel Utah, Amnesia and others. Bay area events include SF Porchfest, First Fridays Oakland, Sunday Streets Festival, Girlstock Fest, 19 Broadway, and many more. Amalgamation was featured as “Best Band” in the SF Weekly's Best of 2015. They have been twice awarded for "Best Band" and "Best Album/Recording" by the Bay Area Bands-for-Bands Organization. Amalgamation has also toured the Pacific Northwest, playing the halftime show for the Seattle Majestics and performing at prime venues in Washington and Oregon. Their video "Hypnotic Box" was also featured on Strictly Global, an internationally syndicated television program showcasing up and coming bands from all over the world.

Zipgig article and show review by Andrea Harding~   https://zipgig.io/blog/2020/02/12/amalgamation-indie-rock-with-a-spiritual-essence/

“Mystical and deeply relevant writing combined with the band's technical precision and singer Robin Lovejoy's encompassing range and power, Amalgamation brings us back to the roots of rock while pushing us forward into an important new construction of music. The group's live performance is unbeatable, offering power and subtlety with tunes that hearken to the best of Zeppelin and PJ Harvey, but elevated by the precious beauty of Lovejoy's voice.”

 —  Kirsten Maynard, SONY Corporation
“You guys keep the classic in rock while moving the music into a current, dynamic direction. Nice!”
 —  Ash, recording engineer, PopSmear Studios
“Maybe it's because I'm a big Patti Smith fan (I've seen her 3 times), butI LOVE your music. I not only hear Smith's influence in your songs, but there's no denying the elements of punk, protest, and emotional purging. Really great rock! ”
—  David Avery, Powderfinger Promotions